Are You Alarmed?

I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to put here, frankly. "Hey, what's up? I'm Matt and I'm x-number of years old. I'm just like every other self-destructive asshole on the face of the planet. Oh, except I'm probably smarter and more experienced in life than you." Fuck, man. I'm not some pretentious bitch. What's it matter what I'm like? In the end, I'm just another nameless corpse in a hole. Are my interests going to be significant when I'm dead? Are these words going to be quoted for generations to pass for being profound and useful? I didn't think so. Needless to say then, I can't be bothered to say shit about myself right now.



So, this wandered across my dash earlier. It’s the opening to Jade Cocoon, a game I played in middle school or high school. It was a basic monster collecting/JRPG sort of thing—the games that were all the rage in the PS1 days. Apprently a member of Studio Ghibli did some of the design work, which is really obvious, now that I re-watch it.

All I remember is that I really wanted to kill the townspeople for being colossal dicks to my wife.


The basic story is that you’re a young boy, your father goes missing, so you get to take his place as Guy-Who-Captures-Monsters-in-Magical-Cocoons. And you get betrothed and married to the girl who makes said magical cocoons. Naturally, shit goes down, and, if I remember correctly, your wife ends up getting cursed? I think she started absorbing the evil of the monsters as a consequence of making the cocoons. At any rate, the rest of the village spends their time gossiping about her, and I was seriously displeased by that.

Kind of bad, given that I was supposed to be saving the village at the time.

Still, collecting monsters was fun, and there was a fusion system, kind of like Persona 3/4. You could make all these twisted multi-elemental monsters. I’m vaguely tempted to track it down and try it again.

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